World's first decentralized big data and machine learning network
powered by a computing-centric blockchain

DxChain - Provide Solutions to Big Data Problems

Maximize individual dataset to its capacity

Empower data subjects to control their own data

Protect personal data with flexibility

Support business intelligence and machine learning DApp



The revolutionary Chains-on-chain architecture is designed to solve the data computation, storage, and privacy issues.


Verification game provides a framework which securely perform any computational task and vastly reduces the number of redundant network node computations.

  • PDC (Provable Data Computation)

PDC is a statistical framework to verify the correctness of computation results with few copies of redundant computing.

  • PoSt & PDP

The Proof of Spacetime(PoSt) is used as the consensus protocol of storage. It provides the foundation for the decentralized storage network.


DxChain does not only provide the data storage function, but it also gives the flexibility of retrieving files at a more granular scale.


Allan Zhang


Expert in blockchain and network security. Founder of Trustlook and a serial entrepreneur.

Wei Wang

Co-founder & Chief Scientist

Graduated from Columbia University, Wei was the Principal Scientist at AT&T research on blockchain technology and the Principal Scientist at Hortonworks research on big data and artificial intelligence.

James Li


Experienced in blockchain system design and architecture. Tripwire principal security architect. 10+ years experience of network security.

Daniel Dai

Blockchain Researcher

Ph.D in computer science at University of Central Florida. 10+ years experience in distributed systems, security and big data. Apache Pig/Hive PMC(Project Management Committee) member. Member of Apache Software Foundation.

Taosheng Shi

Blockchain Engineer

Former principal system architect and innovation manager at NOKIA, with 10+ years experience of distributed system research and development.

Eric Wang

Full Stack Engineer

Former Software Engineer at Google. Experienced with full stack web app development and AI domain knowledge.

Li Lu

Blockchain Researcher

Ph.D in distributed systems at University of Rochester. 10+ years experience in distributed systems and big data. Hadoop PMC(Project Management Committee) member.

Maizie Feng

Product & Community Manager

Former senior product manager at Tencent and Xunlei, with combined background and experience in product design, operation and community growth.

Chaowen Li

Public Relations

Influential writer with 9 years experience in tech reporting and PR. Former chief writer of CBN Weekly and Bloomberg Businessweek China, and senior journalist of Jiemian in silicon valley office.

Sunny He

Investor Relation & BD

Partner of CKCIC; Global account manager of China Telecom Americas; Columbia University MIA.

Claire Yu

Digital Marketing Manager

MFA in advertising at Academy of Art University, help build up and manage DxChain community with a fresh perspective and dedicated attitude.

Nicole Fan

Digital Marketing Intern

Graduated from University of Minnesota, conduct market research and help create, organize and distribute marketing material through different channels.


Yan Gong


Professor of CEIBS

Kevin Hsu


Founder of BlockVC

Leo Wang


Founding partner of PreAngel

Fan Zhang


Partner of Vancoin. Previously served as a Founding Partner of Sequoia Capital China.



2017 Identified key techniques and components
Researched on big data storage and computation
Consensus techniques for blockchain
Q1 Released white paper
Finished the design and prototype of key technologies
Q2 Minimum Viable Product network launch
Q3 Master/DSC test network beta launch
Q4 Master/DSC test network launch
API/SDK/library beta launch
Wallet alpha preview
Q1 Master/Data main network launch
API/SDK/library publish
Wallet launch
Q2 Data model for DSC launch
DVM preview launch
Q3 DVM beta
CSC preview launch
Q4 Master/CSC/DSC main network launch